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Complete Merchant Solutions is a Full Service Provider (FSP). This means we are one of only a handful of payment processors in the U.S. that manages all aspects of the merchant life-cycle internally. This includes underwriting, merchant boarding, risk management, customer and technical support and product development. This distinction from other processing companies who are merely Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s) affords us far greater control over the accounts we accept and maintain and greater flexibility over the pricing we’re able to extend to our partners. CMS offers our partners multiple programs that can be tailored to fit your individual needs and we are firmly committed to offering you every product and service you need to stay relevant in this hyper-competitive industry. As a partner of CMS you are automatically connected to a dedicated team of support agents and consultants that have a vested interest in your success. Take advantage of our extensive industry experience, deep technical knowledge and innovative solutions to take your business to the next level.


Strategic Partners

Our strategic partner program is at the heart of what we do. We work collaboratively with our partner.


Sales Partners

Our growth and expansion can be directly attributable to the significant contributions from our network of valued sales partners.


Support Tools

Effectively supporting our partners is the most important thing we do each day.

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Key Features

Payment Chain

Unique payment chain positioning as a Flexible Service Processor (FSP).

Ongoing Training

Comprehensive resources and ongoing training for your team.

Revenue Sharing

Lucrative revenue sharing plans to improve your bottom line.

Reporting and Support Tools

Industry leading reporting and support tools to monitor your business growth.

Data Security

End-to-end card data security and regulatory education & support.

Support Agents

Dedicated support agents and business development consultants.

Next-Day Funding

Fast and convenient next-day funding for qualified merchants.

Support Team

U.S. Based Customer Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


Strategic Partners

Our strategic partner program is at the heart of what we do. We work collaboratively with our partners to help them develop a plan that aligns well with their model and compliments their brand. It’s an easy and effective way for a company to expand its offerings and increase revenues without distracting or interfering with its core business. As a CMS partner you can be as involved or removed as you like.

Additionally, we are very sensitive about protecting our partner’s corporate brand. As such, each partner (as well as its clients) is assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager that is held to an extremely high ‘standard of excellence’ in terms of ensuring quality assurance.

Technology Partners

Streamline operations and simplify payment processes for your customers.

Financial Institutions

Enhance loyalty, strengthen depository relationships and increase revenue.


As a one-stop payment provider, we make it easy for associations to partner with CMS.

Referral Partners

You’ll be surprised how quickly your monthly residual income grows.

Technology Partners

As a CMS Technology Partner, your company is instantly plugged into industry leading payment solutions that will expand your technology offering, enhance your marketability and increase profitability. A fully integrated merchant services program to compliment your core offering will further help to streamline operations and simplify payment processes for your customers, thus increasing customer loyalty.



Regardless of the size of your operation or the scalability of your offering, we have the industry experience and technical acumen to ensure a seamless integration. We have partnered with several technology companies within various vertical markets and our team of programmers stands ready to assist with all of your integration needs. Visit our Integration page for more information.



Once the program goes live you will have the ability to simply bundle the payment feature as an add-on to your offering and extend it to your customers directly or we will co-develop a marketing plan to promote your endorsement and assign an account manager to reach out to each of your customers individually.

Financial Instutitions

With over 80 years of combined banking and payment processing experience, our management team has a deep knowledge and understanding of the community banking culture. We can appreciate the unique challenges the current economic landscape presents and we are committed to being your partner, consultant, and advocate. We will work with you to design a customized program that will enhance your customer loyalty, strengthen depository relationships and increase your revenue.



CMS is a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Processer that provides industry-leading electronic transaction processing for credit, debit, gift cards, ACH & Remote Deposit Capture solutions to thousands of merchants across the business spectrum. Our gateway based platform streamlines the authorization, settlement, reporting and billing capabilities to our partners. By partnering with us, your customers will enjoy a broad range of payment processing solutions traditionally only associated with major national banks.



CMS is fanatical about support. From the outset of the program, you will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager that will be available to answer all of your questions and will be held responsible for ensuring the success of the program.

  •  Driving marketing (or joint marketing) initiatives to promote the program
  •  Managing the sales representatives that are assigned to your customers
  •  Tracking new accounts to ensure smooth conversion
  •  Monitoring customer support inquires to retain existing accounts


Our Agent Bank programs are flexible. You can be as involved or removed as you’d like. For example, you can elect to drive a portion or even all of the merchant sales process and account conversion; or, you can opt for a turn-key solution where you simply refer your customers to CMS and we manage all aspects of the account sales and conversion process.



  •  Increased earnings from ongoing revenue generated by merchant account activity
  •  Online reporting tools for account management and portfolio review
  •  Agent Bank partners assume zero risk, CMS assumes all liability on merchant transactions
  •  Ongoing training for your staff is available
  •  Customized marketing campaigns
  •  Dedicated sales team to work with each of your referrals
  •  Online portal to track referral entries and account status
  •  Consultative analysis of current processing rates for each customer


As a comprehensive, one-stop payment provider, we make it easy for associations to partner with CMS. We handle the entire process, from promoting the program to your members, through the merchant account boarding process and activation and on thru the ongoing servicing and support of your members. We also offer flexible payment choices on your earnings.



  •  A percentage of the revenue generated
  •  A fixed cost per new account activated (or)
  •  A predetermined, guaranteed annual payment amount

The bottom line is we’ll work together to tailor an ongoing program of service and support that meets your member’s needs and maximizes your ability to generate non-dues revenue.



  •  A dedicated relationship manager to ensure all of your member’s needs are being met
  •  Guaranteed low rates for all of your members
  •  Flexible pricing models to meet smaller member’s needs
  •  A full suite of point-of-sale solutions for your members
  •  Exclusive offers and incentives tailored for your members
  •  Customized marketing campaigns to increase program awareness
  •  Ongoing support for your members
  •  Pre-approved applications for your members
  •  U.S. based live merchant support 24/7/365
  •  Program reporting to track the program’s performance
  •  Industry-leading security and PCI solutions

Affiliate & Referral Partners

If you are currently selling other business related products or services to business owners, a referral partnership with CMS is an easy way to generate additional income. After all, if a business owner likes or trusts you enough to handle their insurance, accounting, etc., they’ll likely trust you with their payment processing related needs. You’ll be surprised how quickly your monthly residual income grows. The bottom line is we’ll work together to tailor an ongoing program of service and support that meets your member’s needs and maximizes your ability to generate non-dues revenue.



As a CMS affiliate/referral partner, you’ll have the opportunity to earn significant monthly recurring income by simply referring your business contacts to us. Literally, once you’ve been assigned your Partner ID#, all you need to do is provide us with your ‘warm leads’ and we’ll take it from there. Our expert sales & support staff will reach out to your contacts, provide them with a consultative analysis on their current rates & fees and show them how we can save them money.

We’ll work with you to build a plan that will maximize your success and you will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will be available to you for updates, to answer questions, or for any other support related items you may require.



CMS enjoys affiliate partnerships with hundreds of individuals and organizations throughout the U.S. and we greatly value these relationships. You can rest assured that your contacts will be treated with the highest levels of respect and professionalism.